Take Part In The Act For Arctic Global Project

For thousands of years, the Arctic has remained a special place at the top of the planet, untouched by large-scale human exploitation. But that special status is at risk, as new oil and fishing opportunities lead the Arctic nations to try and carve up the area among themselves.

As a global movement, we are working to create an Arctic Sanctuary in the unihabited areas around the North Pole for all life on Earth by getting local leaders to sign on as supporters of an Arctic Sanctuary. 

Join this global movement by joining and following the Act For Arctic group. In the Act For Arctic group you will find all the information, documents, resources, and support you need to get started, but even more importantly, you’ll have a virtual community to support your efforts.

All summer long Lead Activists like yourself across the world will work to add strong voices of leaders from their communities, cities, and countries across the globe to our Arctic movement. While we build locally, we will show global leaders how many people in our communities care deeply about the Arctic!