Pledge to Take Part in the Act for Arctic Project

May 14, 2014 - 8:00 AM EDT to October 4, 2014 - 11:59 PM EDT
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The Act for Arctic project has ended, but there are still a lot of opportunities to Save the Arctic. Join the Save the Arctic group to get involved! 


Join the global movement to save the Arctic by signing the pledge! 


Just fill out the RSVP to this “event" with your contact info to the Right ---->  and hit save.

You will then receive an email to confirm your attendance, so click on the link in that email and you'll be all set!

For thousands of years, the Arctic has remained a special place at the top of the planet, untouched by large-scale human exploitation. But that special status is at risk, as new oil and fishing opportunities lead the Arctic nations to try and carve up the area among themselves.

As a global movement, we are working to create an Arctic Sanctuary in the unihabited areas around the North Pole for all life on Earth by getting local leaders to sign on as supporters of an Arctic Sanctuary via the Arctic Declaration. 

Sign the pledge and join us. We look forward to working together with you to Save the Arctic!


By RSVPing to this event you are pledging to be a lead activist for the Arctic - this means you are willing to work locally in your community to secure local influential signatories for the Arctic Declaration. As a global movement, we are working to create an Arctic Sanctuary in the unihabited areas around the North Pole for all life on Earth, and you can play a big role in making that happen through securing local influential signatories to the Arctic Declaration.

1. Please RSVP to this event - Pledging to be a "Lead Activist" for The Arctic

2. Immediately after RSVPing to this event, join and follow the Act For Arctic Group! In the Act For Arctic Group you will find all the information, documents, resources, and support you need to get started to successfully convince your influential community members to sign the Arctic Declaration.

3. From NOW until October 4th, Lead Activists like you worldwide will work to add the voices of influential people from their communities, cities, and countries to our Arctic movement. While we build locally, we will show global leaders how many people in our communities care deeply about the Arctic!

From Climate Change, to oil spills that threaten Indigenous peoples livelihoods and the survival of countless species of wildlife, "What happens in the Arctic matters to us all!" Thanks for signing the pledge to take action!