Greenpeace Lead Activists


Greenpeace Lead Activists


When you make the decision to protect our planet through volunteering with Greenpeace, you become a part of a community of folks known as Lead Activists. The Greenpeace Lead Activist group is a community space for folks who are eager to start volunteering and creating change in their communities.

The Lead Activist group will act as the hub for our volunteers across the country. By joining this group, you will become the first to know about Greenpeace’s latest volunteer opportunities for all of the environmental issues we work on.


Greenpeace aims to create a green and peaceful future (it’s in our name!), and this cannot be done without protecting women’s rights. That’s why Greenpeace is proud to announce that we are a National Partner with the Women's March on Washington on January 21st -- and we would like to invite you to join us!


Even if you’re not in Washington DC, there will be "sister" marches happening around the country.


Join Greenpeace in saying that women’s rights are human rights! Fill out this form to let us know you'll be able to make it. There’s strength in numbers, so bring your friends to march with you!



Thank you for being a Lead Activist and taking action with Greenpeace. Please make sure check back frequently - the actions you can take to make a difference will change on a regular basis!

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