Save the Arctic

Protecting the Arctic is essential to stopping climate change. The Save the Arctic campaign is an invitation for people across the country to "draw a line in the ice,' to stand up to those who would risk our future for profit. Burning more fossil fuels means less sea ice, and less sea ice means more extreme effects of climate change around the world.

In this group, you will find all the information, documents, resources, and support you need to help Save the Arctic, but even more importantly, you’ll have a virtual community to support your efforts.

Take Action Now: Organize an Arctic event in your community!

This summer, we are banding together throughout the country to Defend the Arctic. Sign up here to join in the movement-- and we'll make sure you have the tools, resources, and support you need.

Check out our Arctic Style Guide HERE- use the Arctic Style Guide to help with posters, flyers, graphics for websites, etc....

Creating a Global Movement to Save the Arctic


All Walk Port Encouragement

April 05 2015, 3:30 PM until 6:00 PM EDT
4559 California Ave SW, Seattle (Alaska Junction, West Seattle)

Submit your bad joke to save the arctic!

Hey Greenwire! What did the ocean say to the polar bear? Nothing, it just waved. Okay, that was bad...... Really bad! But do you know what’s even less funny? Arctic drilling. We...


As we bring in the new year, we have more to tackle then ever. Shell is ready to go into the arctic and we must stop them. Luckily we have fearless leaders across the country who...

The Arctic needs your creativity

Since we launched the Save The Arctic campaign we've seen an amazing amount of creativity and visual design, both from our talented supporters and the people who work here at...