Greenpeace Lead Activists


Greenpeace Lead Activists


When you make the decision to protect our planet through volunteering with Greenpeace, you become a part of a community of folks known as Lead Activists. The Greenpeace Lead Activist group is a community space for folks who are eager to start volunteering and creating change in their communities.

The Lead Activist group will act as the hub for our volunteers across the country. By joining this group, you will become the first to know about Greenpeace’s latest volunteer opportunities for all of the environmental issues we work on.


Join a Resist House Party in your community!


On January 25, 7 brave activists climbed a crane and deployed a "RESIST" banner above the White House -- sending the Trump administration a message they could not ignore.


Our resistance cannot begin and end in downtown DC, though. Our greatest tool in the fight against Trump and his destructive policies is the strength of our communities. We need to be in every neighborhood, community center, and farmer’s market in America, building up the crucial people power needed to fuel the resistance. So it’s time to gather up your friends and neighbors and plan how you’ll start (or continue!) resisting in your community.


Click here to find and RSVP to a Resist House Party in your community today!



Thank you for being a Lead Activist and taking action with Greenpeace. Please make sure check back frequently - the actions you can take to make a difference will change on a regular basis!

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