How to Add a Friend

Step 1: go to member search homepage 

From any page on Greenwire, go to the “Get Connected” tab at the top, and click “Connect with Members.”




Step 2: find a friend to connect with

If you know who you are looking for, type in their name in the "Enter your keywords here" box and click "Search". 

If you want to meet new people, search for them by their location, education, profession, and/or skills using the side box.


You can also use this page to look for groups and events! Simply click on "Groups" or "Events" under the "Enter Keywords here..." box before you click "Search"!


Step 3: add new friend

Click on their username to go to their profile. Click “Send friend request.” 


Step 4: confirm

Click “Send” to confirm your friend request.


What's next? Leave your new friend a shout or learn how to send them a private message!