How to Create a Profile

Step 1: go to your profile

Go to your profile page and click the "Edit Profile" tab in the top right corner of the My Profile box.



Step 2: picture and bio

Add a profile picture and write a bio about yourself -- why you are motivated to be an environmental activist? 

  • Make sure your profile picture is you! People may need to recognize you at events.

  • Fun facts are always welcome in your bio :)  




Don't forget to fill out the rest of your information, like school, professions, and employers -- it'll help other activists and volunteers get a sense of your background! 


Step 3: link social medias

Link your social media pages to Greenwire so people have another way to connect with you! Just copy the URL from the profile page of your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and paste it on the designated row. 



Step 4: skills

Enter your skills so other users can see your unique skill set. Every bit of experience counts! If you want to add a skill that isn't listed, use the "other" box. 



Step 5: settings

Set your privacy settings by clicking on "Edit Account Settings" and then “Privacy Preferences”. This allows you to decide what parts of your profile you want other Greenwire users to see and what you want to keep private.  



Step 6: notifications

Set your notification settings to determine how often you want Greenwire to update you with activity. This means that whenever someone writes on your profile, messages you, or makes a post in a group you belong to, you'll get informed.

  • You can choose to be notified immediately, hourly, daily or weekly. We recommend choosing "daily" so you're always up to date with your friends' Greenwire activity! 

  • You can also disable notifications from Greenwire altogether. 



Step 7: 

Save your changes using the "save button at the bottom of the page. 


Now Go Explore Your Profile!

  • Click on any of your skills to view other groups with the same skills 

  • Write "shouts" on group pages, your own profile, or friends' profiles, which is similar to writing on someone's Facebook wall  


What's next? Learn how to find, add, and accept friends!