Volunteer Activist Toolbox

Welcome to the Greenwire Volunteer Activist Toolbox!


Here are some resources to make your local activism as effective as possible. If you have more questions, feel free to ask Dan Cannon or Layla Anthony.

Greenpeace Activism 101 Training Manual



Greenpeace 2018 Volunteer Kickoff

Learn about three concrete ways you can volunteer with Greenpeace!



What is grassroots organizing?

One of our greatest tools for creating social change is building people power. Click here to learn more about grassroots organizing and why we do it.

The power of telling your story

Learn to tell your story in a way that engages, inspires, and activates others.

Tips for building a team

Wondering how to start recruiting? Check out these top 10 tips.

Hosting Events

Want to know how to bring people together?


Building relationships with other local groups

Tips for finding local groups and build effective partnerships.


Be sure to also explore past Online Leader Lab webinar trainings, a series designed to help activists launch campaigns in their community:

Non-Violent Direct Action
What is Non-Violent Direction Action? How is NVDA used in a campaign? In this webinar, we dive into the basic tenets of this crucial approach for achieving social change, paying special attention to de-escalation.



Social Media and Online Organizing
Why are social media and online tools important in organizing? This webinar will walk you through different ways of engaging with your online audience.



Organizing 101: Organizing and Campaign Strategy
(Part One) Grassrooots organizing, using people power, is one of the best ways to make change, especially when the odds seem insurmountable. But how do you move from despair to action? During this training, you will learn the basic principles of organizing and campaign strategy, the skills everyday folks use to make change. This training is perfect for activists who are just getting started oor seasoned change-makers looking to tune up their own skills.



Organizing 201: Strategy and Targets
(Part Two) You get the basics of grassroots organizing and you've seen the effectiveness of it to make chance. But what does it look like in a campaign from start to finish? This training is the sequel to Organizing 101, and in this webinar we will go over more advanced tactics and strategies in building a campaign plan. This is a great training both for folks who are newer to organizing and for folks who want to share their personal experiences of using these tools.



How to Grow a Groups of Resisters
Want to start a local group but not sure where to begin? Looking to build your group's numbers? This webinar is for you! People are what create a successful revolution, but how do you grow your group of resisters and keep everyone invested in the long haul? It's time to learn about recruitment strategies that focus on relationships - the currency of every good organizer. During this training, we will learn how to recruit for big events, run your own group, and retain members while encourage folks to engage directly in building the resistance.



How YOU can join the Summer of Resistance!
At a time when the Trump administration is working on all fronts to advance its hateful agenda, Greenpeace's Summer of Resistance is a chance to come together to learn the skills of creative communication, peaceful protest, and non-violent direct action to step up our resistance and put those skills to work in our communities.



Recruitment and Roles for Your Action
Are you wondering what it will take to get the number of people you need and what the essential roles are for a successful action? Check out this webinar to learn all about recruitment and action roles! During this webinar, we will discuss best practices for outreach, brainstorm new ways to get people engaged, and talk about the roles that are most important to have filled for a successful action.



Allyship and Solidarity: Working in Coalitions
If we work together toward justice with a united vision, we cannot be stopped. But how do we build effective relationships with other groups that we haven't worked with before? How do we act in solidarity with those most impacted? And what can we, as individuals, do to interrupt our own oppressive behavior? In this webinar, we will build tools to demonstrate allyship, examine social privilege and oppression, and learn about best practices to form partnerships.



Introduction to Environmental Justice
Environmental justice is not just about protecting the environment, but about achieving justice for all living beings. That includes racial justice, gender justice, disability justice, and all issues of social justice - but how do we connect the dots between all the struggles of justice? What is the herstory of the environmental movement, and how has it struggled to make space for everyone? In this webinar, we will answer these questions and develop a practical understanding of how we can all work forwards an environmentally just world!



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