From a One Day Training to an Impactful Day of Action


On Sunday 22nd of April; a passionate group of community members came into our Creative Action Training: Fight Plastic Pollution in Santa Monica, it didn't take long before this passion built into action, and all this training was put into practice a week later. 

These amazing activists stood in front of a Trader Joe's and helped educate customers on how Trader Joes among other supermarkets sold their products on #PoitlessPlastic. Therefore we took the extra step to ask customers to hand us the ridiculous plastic so we can show Trader Joe's how unnecessary it is, to add things lemons in a plastic bag. This Impactful action was able to create awareness and build a conscious effort in our community to demand corporations to #BREAKFREEFROMPLASTIC.

If you'd like to create your own action in your hometown, see our Toolkit at this link:

But if you cannot take action, sign our petition. Text the word SUPERMARKETS to 877-877 and we will provide you with our Petition to Demand big Supermarkets to do their part to end plastic pollution! 

Will you take action with us?

See our pictures below!