Host a Creative Resistance Action for Summer of Resistance

Host Your Own Creative Resistance Action for

the Summer of Resistance!


Get started here - take this quiz to find out how to get plugged into the Summer of Resistance.



The weather is not the only thing heating up — Greenpeace’s Summer of Resistance is in full swing. And YOU can be a part of it!


Together, through trainings and person-to-person movement building, the Summer of Resistance will spark hundreds of creative, non-violent resistance actions across the country to stand up for a more just, green, and peaceful world.


The Greenpeace Summer of Resistance has two goals:


1) Train thousands of individuals in creative, non-violent resistance through an NVDA training tour, webcast parties, and a non-violent creative resistance resource guide.


2) Build the resistance by inspiring hundreds of creative, non-violent actions — led by folks like yourself!


Creative resistance actions can be big or small, heroic or ordinary, just as long as they give power to the people in the fight for justice and a healthy environment for all. This platform and the resources provided can help you take the next step for resistance and building power in our communities.


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How do I get started?

The best way to get started to is take this quiz to find out how you can best plug into the Summer of Resistance. Then, a Greenpeace staff person will reach out and follow up with you!


You can also dive into the Summer of Resistance by watch our kickoff webcast, which will provide you with basic training in non-violent direct action and peace protest skills (as well as give you some tools to begin thinking strategically about your own action).


Check it out here (tip: it’s even better to watch it with friends!):





I want to host my own Creative Resistance Action!

Great! Read our Summer of Resistance Resource Guide to learn more about why and how we use nonviolent direct action to win major victories, and how you can apply these lessons to your very own Creative Resistance Action. Then decide  —

If you want to host a unique action with other members of your community:

Then use this Creative Resistance Action Plan to get started on planning your action step-by-step. (And post your event on!)


If you want to host an event using an existing Greenpeace toolkit and outline:

Then check out this action guide for telling JP Morgan Chase to Defund Tar Sands Pipelines! (And post your event on once you figure out the details.)


I need more support would like to speak to a Greenpeace staff person about how to host a Creative Resistance Action in my community.

Great! We would love to hear from you. Take our quiz to find out how to get involved with the Summer of Resistance, and a staff member will reach out to you to make sure you're set up for success.


You can also email us at resist [dot] help [dot] us [at] greenpeace [dot] org (resist [dot] help [dot] us [at] greenpeace [dot] org), and we will answer your questions and set up a time to chat more!