Together Against Hate


Together Against Hate

This group is meant to serve as a safe space for people to connect with and support one another during Trump's presidency. Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings in this group, as well as brainstorm new ideas and tactics for how we can organize and respond to the Trump administration's dangerous policies.

Trump continues to actively deny the existence of climate change, and has threatened to roll back the very same protective measures that we and our allies have earned after years of tireless campaigning.

But Greenpeace is not going anywhere. Join us in building power for the new progressive force that will stand against Trump's hatred and divisiveness.


Greenpeace is not just an organization -- it is part of a broader movement working towards a green and peaceful future for all. But this cannot be achieved without building people power and grassroots Resistance in our communities! Here is what you can do to get involved right now:



  1. Sign the Pledge to Resist and Rise Up, and commit yourself to Resisting Trump’s dangerous and regressive policies at every chance you get.


  1. Our greatest tool in the fight against Trump and his destructive policies is the strength of our communities. We need to be in every neighborhood, community center, and farmer’s market in America, building up the crucial people power needed to fuel the resistance. So it’s time to gather up your friends and neighbors and plan how you’ll start (or continue!) resisting in your community. Find a Resist House Party happening in your community on February 22nd here!


  1. If you want your own (smaller) “Resist” banner to use as a symbol of people power in your home or in the streets, you can now receive one when you donate to Greenpeace!


  1. Educate yourself by joining our Grassroots Organizing Webinar Training Series, where you will learn how to effectively organize your community to take collective action against Trump’s policies and develop your leadership skills.


  1. Stay updated with Greenpeace's latest campaigns and actions, and find out how you can participate in them, by joining your local volunteer activist group, our Lead Activists group, and our Together Against Hate group! It is crucial that we use these spaces to strategize and support each other.

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