Together Against Hate


Together Against Hate

This group is meant to serve as a safe space for people to connect with and support one another during Trump's presidency. Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings in this group, as well as brainstorm new ideas and tactics for how we can organize and respond to the Trump administration's dangerous policies.

Trump continues to actively deny the existence of climate change, and has threatened to roll back the very same protective measures that we and our allies have earned after years of tireless campaigning.

But Greenpeace is not going anywhere. Join us in building power for the new progressive force that will stand against Trump's hatred and divisiveness.


Join Greenpeace at the 2017 People's Climate March on April 29!


The Trump Administration intends to boost the sputtering oil and gas industry and to empower the forces that oppresses minority and poor communities while destroying the air, water, and climate. But the climate movement is strong, it is growing, it is global, and it brings together a broad range of communities in opposing the Trump Administration and the injustices it wants to exploit and expand.


This year’s People’s Climate March is a moment to express the breadth of issues and struggles of those in the climate movement, and to put on display the strength and resolve of the coalition united by it. It will demonstrate our movement’s commitment to solutions to the climate crisis that center on racial and economic justice, real jobs, and the protection of frontline and vulnerable communities.


This is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate that we, the people, will not back down when faced with injustice. Click here to join Greenpeace at the main march in Washington DC, or to connect to your local sister march today!





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