Repower Our Schools


Repower Our Schools

Did you know solar energy can do more than just save the world?! By powering Public Schools with 100% renewable energy, we can also ensure limited school funding goes toward making them safe, efficient, and top-notch learning environments for our children.

Parents, teachers, and students throughout the region are calling upon Schools Boards to commit to powering every school in their district with clean energy. This is no longer just an environmental issue – affordable solar energy will boost school budgets, protect our children’s health and prepare them for the future.

As major buyers of electricity, school districts can lead the way to a renewable energy future. Solar installations on schools have increased five fold nationally since 2008. Many public school districts spend millions of taxpayer dollars annually on dirty energy. Not only is burning coal and gas more expensive, it also contributes to air pollution, which aggravates respiratory diseases such as asthma–the leading cause of school absenteeism.

Parents, teachers, and students are asking school boards to Repower Our Schools with 100% renewable electricity.
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