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Greenpeace Orange County

First of all want to thank you sincerely for coming to our page. You are here because you have taken the steps to become active and that is the change this world needs! Feel free to join our group to stay updated here in Orange County about the broader environmental movement.

Greenpeace is the world's largest independent environmental organization fighting to end deforestation, ocean destruction, global climate change and save endangered species such as whales and the Sumatran tiger. As a pioneer in the environmental movement, Greenpeace maintains its grassroots and independent status with the help of our Frontline staff. Frontline is Greenpeace's local face-to-face fundraising and member recruitment arm. Team members work together to reach out to local communities and inspire individuals to get involved as Greenpeace members. Furthermore, Frontline activists build the people power necessary to pressure corporations and governments to do the right thing and protect the planet. Our volunteers and community organizers are incredibly integral to the larger vision of Greenpeace and our aims. Volunteers are the driving force for our campaigns and change, and provide a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. By acting locally, those in Orange County are given a chance to influence change globally.

We have weekly volunteer meetings Wednesday's at 7:15 PM at our office in Costa Mesa: 2183 Fairview Road Suite 222, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. These are safe and open spaces that allow individuals within Orange County to host their concerns as well as to get involved! Understandably it can sometimes be difficult to get plugged in for the environment in this concrete jungle so come join us and meet a group of amazing people making this world a better place!

Here is our Facebook:
Keep in mind it is a closed group so simply click join and you will be added shortly afterwards! Thank you for being you.

To create a hub of activism in order to keep Orange County green!!
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