Volunteer Meeting: Protecting Birds of Paradise

September 25, 2018 - 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM EDT
Greenpeace St. Pete 3rd Street North 233 33701 Saint Petersburg
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Did you brush your teeth this morning? Enjoy a bowl of cereal for breakfast, or a snack of crackers? Maybe cookies, for dessert? Chances are you’ve used or consumed a product containing Palm Oil! This preservative is in most everything, and while it’s a responsible choice for preserving our favorite foods, the way it is derived causes immense damage to pristine Indonesian rainforests.

Forest destruction for Palm Oil harvesting has been pushing Birds of Paradise to the brink of extinction and it is due time that we make drastic changes to protect these species! This campaign is a global art intervention that will insert a fresh perspective on this devastating story, by giving ostracized Birds of Paradise a new place to live, since their home is being destroyed. 

On Wednesday 9/25 we will launch this global campaign locally, right here in St. Pete! Join us in crafting up colorful Birds of Paradise and distributing them around the city in a creative effort to start a conversation around transparency and accountability in the Palm Oil industry.

We will be crafting for about 30 minutes, and then distributing the Birds for another 30 minutes. Each bird we place, we will feature its location and a fun fact on Social Media paired with the hashtag #BirdsOfParadise

Looking forward to seeing you there!