Photo and Potluck Picnic in the Park

May 20, 2017 - 5:45 PM to 7:45 PM PDT
Redwood Regional Park Joaquin Miller Road 3300 94602 Oakland
Event Type:
Party, Celebration, Photo Opportunity
2 persons are going

Right now, Greenpeace is under attack. Resolute Forest Products, a multi-billion-dollar logging company, has targeted Greenpeace entities in a series of meritless lawsuits. Greenpeace has been critical of Resolute’s irresponsible logging practices that are permanently altering the resilience of the Canadian Boreal Forest. Instead of changing their detrimental logging practices, they’ve targeted Greenpeace in order to silence us. Their aim is to overwhelm us in litigation, peeling away our focus and resources from environmental fights by tying us up in court.

These targeted lawsuits are not just about our work to protect the Boreal Forest, but are a well-funded and planned assault on Greenpeace—with every intention to shut us down. This could set a dangerous precedent that would seriously weaken our democracy. Not only would it be the end of Greenpeace, but this would lay the groundwork for corporations across all industries and sectors to silence dissenting voices and cripple advocacy work in America.

We are gathering in locations all across the world at some of the most impressive and stunning trees in our regions to send messages of unity and global support at this crucial time in our history. The diversity of these images from the redwoods of California to the banyan trees of India will weave a thread of solidarity for the trees and forests that are vital to our future, and to a future where speaking up for their protection is not met with persecution. These photos from across the globe will travel in Social Media, in blogs and local media to support and tell the story of the lawsuits and the campaign to protect the forests. In addition we will produce large beautiful books of all the printed photos that we will deliver direct to targets that have market ties to Resolute. Our global unity will be diverse, strong, beautiful and it will not go unnoticed.


Join us in Redwood Regional park for a photo along with a potluck picnic. Bring your favorite snack to share along with your reusable cutlery.