April 25, 2018 - 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM PDT
Greenpeace Los Angeles Office Suite 206 Traction Avenue 837 90013 Los Angeles
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Meeting - Planning, Organizing, or Evaluating
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Greenpeace Los Angeles is challenging six local restaurant chains to ban single use plastic. This Wednesday at 7:30 pm help us in our research and planning phase for this campaign as a Greenpeace volunteer. This event is open to everybody that is sick and tired of plastic choking our oceans. We will be doing some research on the 5 restaurants we are campaigning against and you will gain real life experience in the planning phase and execution phase of a Greenpeace campaign!

 In recent years, it has become evident that we can no longer afford to make products that we use once and throw away out of plastic materials that last forever. Throwaway packaging, straws, utensils, bags, and other single-use plastic items are choking our waterways and polluting our environment.  We cannot recycle our way out of this problem: less than 10% of plastic is recycled in the U.S 1 and only 14% globally. Join us in campaigning against 6 local restaurants and be a part of the solution to end plastic waste. 

The event will take place at Greenpeace Los Angeles HQ

837 Traction Ave. Suite 206

Los Angeles, CA 90013

Call or Text Matt with any questions or if you are having trouble getting in the building.

*Make sure to bring a lap top if you have one.