The Effort to Stop Fracking In Colorado

Have you heard about the anti-fracking movement happening in Colorado?

Currently, Greenpeace and several local groups are working to effectively end most of the fracking that is happening in the state. This is such a big and important movement!

There are two initiatives that we are working to get on the ballot in November, initiatives 75 and 78. Initiative 75 enables local governments to regulate or ban entirely any oil and gas development in their community. Initiative 78 establishes a buffer zone between oil and gas development and houses, hospitals, playground and many other community areas. Both of these initiatives give the control to the local community to decide and regulate how they want to address fracking.

Of course, with initiatives like these, the oil and gas industry is unhappy and frightened by what ramifications these could have on their companies. They are doing anything they can to keep these initiatives from getting on the ballot; including spending millions and millions of dollars to convince the public that fracking is safe.  

To no one’s surprise, the oil and gas industry has been pulling some pretty dirty tricks to put a stop to this movement.

The initiatives need 120,000 signatures to qualify for the November ballot and if we can complete this goal, it would be a HUGE victory for people against the industry. Greenpeace and volunteers are working non-stop to win this fight, a fight that’s worth fighting for.

If we are successful, it’s a huge opportunity to win big for our democracy and climate by defeating the power of the oil and gas companies which have funneled millions into our political system for their own agendas.

Let’s bring the power of decisions back to the people and small communities who want to put their health and safety first, and take it away from oil and gas companies whose only concern is how much money they make.

As many of you know, Greenpeace is pushing a big campaign to take money out of politics and help #FixDemocracy. This anti-fracking effort is an example of why our #FixDemocracy campaign is extremely important. Greenpeace is working towards taking big money out of politics, defending voter’s rights, and promoting an inclusive democracy.

When big donors such as oil and gas companies intervene with their huge donations, the oil and gas companies’ agenda compromises any environmental policies that try to get implemented. This makes trying to pass any pro-environment policy halt at a stand-still because the politicians are held responsible to please their big donor’s agenda. 

That is why our fight to stop fracking in Colorado would be such a huge victory. It would help us put the environment and people’s health first, and defeat the greedy oil and gas industry.

If you live in Colorado and want to help collect signatures, please visit this link to learn how YOU can help stop fracking in your community.

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