About Greenpeace Greenwire USA


What's Greenwire? 

Consider Greenwire your meeting place to connect with fellow volunteers, activists, and other members who all want to protect the environment! Think of it as a social media, like Facebook, where you can easily see what other people around you are doing and get involved yourself. 


What's so special about it? 

Everyone on Greenwire shares a common goal: promoting a peaceful world where the environmental is defended from corporate (and governmental) interest. Here you can talk with friends, join a group, host an event, or even run a campaign -- without having to sort through your Facebook newsfeed. It's specifically dedicated to helping activists like you get involved in your community, while keeping all the other benefits of a social media!  


How do I get started? 

Sign up here todayFill out your profile, check out the homepage, and search for groups around your local community to get involved. Use the groups to meet new activists, learn best practices, share experiences, and plan events and actions to volunteer offline. If there isn't a group in your community or one that fits your interest, start your own!

For more helpful information on how to use Greenwire, check out the How To's page!