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Don't Frack The Shires Day 4 - Gandolfs Quest - High Noon

Don't Frack the Shires

Gandalf sets out on a quest to protest fracking in our beautiful shires.His starting point ,Hereford -the Shire-, and his destination, Mordor - Westminster, and Mt. Doom -10, Downing St. Follow our...

Waiting for "The Flare Ascending"

There are days when campaigning is frenetic, others when it can be langorous. This fell into the latter category: a family picnic at Leith Hill Place in Surrey on Saturday 13th...

Amazon campaigning in Surrey

Surrey volunteer activists have been helping the campaign to prevent new damaging hydro-electric dams in Brazil's Amazon river basin. Specifically we've been building the pressure...

Come Clean

03 September 2016, 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM BST
(The Parade - CT7 9QR)