River Hydro in Reading Berkshire Share Offer

Reading Hydro

Harnessing the power of the Thames for the community


"Energy has been drawn from the River Thames for a thousand years, and Reading Hydro Community Benefit Society (CBS) plans to re-take advantage of this power for the benefit of Reading. 

Based beside Caversham Weir, the scheme will be using cutting-edge hydro technology to generate electricity and will include improvements to View Island with a new natural fish and eel pass. 

Education is at the core of the project, with open information and resources for local schools to be made available to improve awareness of green energy. 

Volunteer-led, our Directors and Advisory Board are members of the Reading community who are passionate about making a sustainable difference by using clean energy to invest back into the local community.

https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/reading-hydro-pioneers     "




NB . this project isn't linked to Greenpeace or me,. But it is a genuine environment project run by local people to create green energy  in Reading.    If you want more info on the likely risks or returns to your money please contact http://hydro.readinguk.org/index.php/contact/