Rise For Climate Rally Video

On 8th September we had great support for our animal costume parade from our meeting venue to the Rise for Climate rally on College Green.  See previous blog here https://greenwire.greenpeace.org/uk/en-gb/photos/bristol-greenpeaces-ani....  Big thanks to Bath Greenpeace who supported the event.


From a bit of video footage and collecting photos from a number of contributors I have put together a 3.5 minute video that hopefully shows that together we are strong. 


The event was organised by BEAT which stands for Bristol Environmental Activists Together and was initiated by our very own Fi Radford.  It is really empowering to see the inertia and power when groups come together for a common aim - in this case it was to call on our elected representatives to take the threat of climate change more seriously and ramp up the level of action to tackle the problem.  We need to strive for a carbon-free HEAVEN or we will all face climate change HELL. 

The video is been sent to all Bristol MPs.