Global Divestment Movement 2017 - What Happened?'s video compilation of the variety of actions and protests during the week 8th-13th May 2017

There were 260 actions held in 45 countries.


Here are some of my highlights from the UK from last week:

  • Over 40 events calling on local government, faith, health, cultural institutions, politicians and banks to divest from fossil fuels took place, with an amazing range of creativity - from giant a ‘Renewable Ark’, to flash mobs, to wedding ceremonies to Fossil Fuel Monster chases..

  • Divest Parliament announced that 50 MPs had pledged to divest the MPs pension fund, prompting a rush of Parliamentary Candidates to sign up.

  • The Quakers announced that a quarter of all area meeting have committed to divest, and a group of 30 clergy including three bishops sent an open letter to the Church of England Pensions Board, asking them to divest from fossil fuel companies and to invest in renewable alternatives. Around the world, nine Catholic institutions committed to divest, and in Brazil over 3000 people participated in prayers in a vigil outside the Umuarama Cathedral.

  • The week was launched at a demonstration at a Lancashire fracking site, and when pressed at their Annual General Meeting, Barclays bank Chairman committed to shareholders to end their investment in UK fracking company Third Energy.

  • An ‘Oily Cashmob’ at the British Museum exposed UK Government Subsidy to BP of £210m, compared to the £2m BP gives to the arts. It was part of a global wave of protests calling for an end to fossil fuel sponsorship of the arts, including Le Louvre in Paris, and a dramatic intervention at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam resulting in 8 arrests.

Whether you joined a divestment action or not in the last week, thanks for being part of this growing global movement, and please do help spread the word.