Supermarket Shoppers Strip Back The Plastic #ShoppersRevolt

On Sunday the 10th of February we returned to the Tesco Superstore in Bridlington to continue the revolt against the pointless plastic which shrouds our food.

With permission from Tesco we set up our stall outside of their main entrance with petitions, pens, papers-slips and our plastic gathering trolley at the ready. We were enlightening shoppers entering the store as to the conscious choices they need to start making when choosing between loose food and pre-plastic packaged items.

Those leaving with their bags in hand voiced their respect for the planet and its environment and how outraged they are that Tesco still promotes wrapping fruit and veg in plastic film, leaving them with no other alternatives.

It was these people who freed their cauliflowers from their plasticky-prisons and their bananas from their ocean-choking bags in order they could hand this pointless plastic back to Tesco and have their own say!

We very much look forward to the handover.