Is Off Shore Wind a Blight ?

The Dorset Navius Bay Wind Park , 970Mw , 3Twh/year, electrocity for 700,000 homes, planning permision rejected by DECC . Lord Bourne announced this saying the 200m tall turbines would be a blight on the Jurassic Coast.  The nearest turbine is 14.3 Km from the coast. Nearly invisible.  I am infavour of protecting this beautiful coast but considering it is far from presteen, with car parks, traffic jams & caravan sites , fences to stop you fall off, and , icecream vans and oil wells , & also  frequent passing ships & jet trails, the addition off distant windturbines is not going to affect peoples decision to visit.   The people who live on the Juassic Coast & the tourists using train, car & plane need decarbonization as much as anyone. The coast its self would be damaged by climate sea level rise.  When Lord Bourne came to DECC he said  "I am very passionate about Climate Change.... I obviously love my country, but I love my Earth as well and you suddenly see the threats that do exist and you react accordingly,......We've got to do something and we've got to do it fairly urgently, ....". But if the distant shadowy smudges of off shore turbines are too much for Britain, how can we expect to galvanize the world change needed.  The rejection of this wind park is a real sign this admistration's policy is " Fracking & Nuclear or Nothing"   

I started to think  How Big is a 200m Turbine ? ....How it would affect my life if it was in my line of sight .. 14.3 km away ... ?  The Answer is 7cm tall  5 meters away. Look at how Blighted these photos are  with a 200m turbine in it. ( Ihad to take close ups too so you could see it)

Please share in this Photo Project, make your own turbine,  take your own photos, or simply use these to show how absurd rejection was.