#ShoppersRevolt in Reading


On Saturday myself, Pam, Barbara, Brian, Caroline, Linda and some new helpers Louise , Kirsty and Oscar Pelayo visited Aldi and Sainsbury's in Reading. This was part of a Global day of action against supermarket packaging. We chatted to shoppers as they entered the store and encouraged them to hand back any excessive plastic packaging once they had paid for their goods. They could also hand it back to us outside the store and we then presented it to the manager with a letter explaining the action. The public response was amazing and the supermarkets were co-operative with Aldi providing a large box for customers to put their plastic in.

On the same day Waitrose announced new plans to provide paper bags and ban the sale of all plastic bags in their stores by 2019. They also have plans to illiminate black plastic trays- look out for their full press release.  So our actions along with other pressures are having an impact