Save the Heart of the Amazon

Thanks to Mark (spider Monkey); Georgii; Jane; Brian; Bob and Trish.

On Saturday we were fortunate to visit a store where the General Manager of Curry's was also on a visit!  We spoke to the Manager, who pointed out that they sold Bosch which was manufactured by Siemen's.  I think it was the good cop bad cop routine as he then introduced us to the General Manager. We handed the General Manager a letter raising our concerns with Sieman's involvement with dams in the Amazon.   He scanned the letter and said he would send it to his Head Office! We then left and continued our campaign with a stall in Durham Market Place.  The Durham public were keen to sign our postcards with a little help from the Spider Monkey who entertained everyone.  Two stall holders also took postcards and leaflets and asked their customers to sign some.  Thanks to Susan Hughes, Plant lady and Jacqui, Cherry Tree stall.