Sainsburys #couldntcareless! So Eastbourne Greenpeace pay a visit to Newhaven .....

Sainsbury’s who are the UK’s 3rd largest supermarket are at the bottom of the plastics league table.  This really is not good enough, so on a rather dull Sunday afternoon we trekked over to Newhaven Sainsbury's.  All the other stores in the Eastbourne area had had a visit, so we felt we needed to make our mark in a new store,


We arrived at 1.30pm kitted up and made for the front of the store, not expecting to last long.  We had not been there long when the manageress came out and said hi, she wanted to know if we were ok and if we needed anything.  Was not expecting that!


This was a lovely store to campaign outside.  Everyone was friendly and in a couple of hours we had managed to get 100 messages from customers, telling Sainsbury's to stop using #pontlessplastic.  We were a great team, well done everyone!


What a great afternoon, let’s hope that Sainsbury's head office listeners to their customers and does something to get them off the bottom of the Plastics league table.