Sainsburys - bottom of the pointless plastic league - Huddersfield

According to the criteria used in the plastics league table we published last year in collaboration with the Environmental Investigation Agency, Sainsbury’s are doing the least of all major supermarkets to reduce single-use plastic. This resulted in them ranking bottom of our league table with a score of just 3.2 out of ten.

Recently, we revealed that Sainsbury’s remains worst of UK supermarkets on plastic. We looked at publicly available plastic pledges from all supermarkets - jointly responsible for creating over 800,000 tonnes of plastic waste a year - and found Sainsbury’s to be the worst performer. They’ve made the least progress on measures to reduce their plastic footprint since January 2018 when we launched our supermarkets campaign. Given the scale of the ocean plastic pollution crisis, the lack of action is simple not good enough from the second-largest UK supermarket.

So we paid Sainsbury's in Huddersfield a visit to engage with their customers and encourage them to send messages to the supermarket to clean up their act.

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