Reading calls on Oreo to end dirty palm oil

The People of Reading were keen to send a strong message that, we have had enough of Rainforest being destoryed by the Palm Oil industry . 



" Indonesian and Malaysian officials tried to push the UK government to lean on the supermarket Iceland [FoI discovered emails show ]  British diplomats wrote to colleagues stationed in both countries: “the Indonesians and Malaysians need to recognise that these developments are being driven by (legitimate) concerns about the environmental impact of palm oil production, which they have not adequately addressed. It is not for us to argue the case for palm oil. ......

Teresa Kok, Malaysia’s primary industries minister, took the unusual step last week of celebrating the decision by UK regulator Clearcast to ban the advert.

“We will not be cowed or stand by idly, when nasty advertisements by Iceland mislead people in markets that are crucial to us. We will fight back with facts from scientifically researched data,”...

British officials wrote in emails the palm oil issue “has the potential to impact on bilateral trade, particularly defence sales” "

(  sounds like a Win Win  " no palm oil no weapons" ... or a loose loose if the uk ends up begging for bilateral trade )