East Dulwich. 2 hours. 5 activists. One mammoth task: Protect Antarctic!

Despite the polar conditions, 5 of use managed to get out of bed on a Saturday morning to campaign for the protection of the Antarctic oceans. After a warm cup of a coffee and a short briefing, we headed out to North Cross road in East Dulwich where the crowds are always friednly and keen to help. 

Lisa and Dawn, our newest members got stuck in and learned the ropes in no time. We also had more seasoned like Francesco and Balbir. It was cold, we couldn't feel our feet but i suppose you could say this was the perfect weather for this campaign. Ok it might get a tad colder in the Antarctic but we're sensitive!

Highlight of the morning was a Penguin books employee taking a few stickers and leaflets to spread the word amongst her colleagues. Fitting no?

We stayed out just 2 hours but we managed to get 76 people to add their names to the 222,885 (and counting) who are asking the UK government to#protectantarctic. Add your voice too https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/page/s/antarctic