Detox Outdoors: global day of action.


On Saturday 30 January a happy bunch from the local Edinburgh group resisted the cold and hit the streets to campaign for #PFCfree outdoor gear. We met outside The North Face store on Fredrick Street to hand out flyers and tell people about the harmful toxins used to waterproof outdoor garments, as well as products like sleeping bags. The North Face is one company who uses PFC, and even though they have promised to get rid of them by 2020 we think this is not good enough. If other companies can go PFC free, then so can they! 

After a wee briefing, our group split in two, and one team headed to Livingston to talk to people outside the North Face store there. Unfortunately the campaigners where told by mall staff to leave the property, and they were not allowed even on the pavement outside the mall. However the Fredrick street team had better luck, and for approximately 3 hours they collected signatures on the petition and got people to pose with them in photographs, telling The North Face to detox! 

Ps. How cute isnt our wee Detox campaign 'robot'? ;) 

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( Photos: Malena Persson )