Aurora at Shell

After weeks of Music performances Greenpeace installed Aurora bear out side the Shell building in London, We went along at the weekend to help. Giving out leafleetes to a receptive public. Where they can see its Greenpeace &  a bear tha size of a bus Londoners were realy supportive, maybe 90% keen to know about the campaign, Keen to protect the Arctic & keen to stop Shells oil plans.. .. Sebastian sent me to be the puppeteer.. I climbed into Aurora's belly Looking at the complexity of it, thinking it might be like gunner in an old war plane or movie cameraman.. But once I got the hang of the various leavers & ropes Aurora took over, I became the bear, her slow, strong movements, her sense of irritation with Shell & their monolthic building, balanced the sense of the trees & the river keeping the city away..with interest in the small people milling round below.

Aurora a bear in shells front door, stayed untill , Shell's well came up dry, & Arctic Oil dilling became a financial & PR millstone & Shell quit. Shell has spent  $7billion & nothing to show., They could have had a world class PV factory for the cash.  Aurora Growled & moved off, leaving nothing but foot prints.

Here are some Videos Emma Thompson , Aurora at night & Emma Thompson

Lokking back it has been an amazing campaign