Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary campaign - Hoodezfield - Photos

Right now we have an opportunity to make history. This month, the Antarctic Ocean Commission (an international body which includes the UK Government), will meet to decide whether to create the largest protected area on Earth: an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary.

The Greenpeace penguins have been on the march in Huddersfield (or Hoodezfield of you're an American Dr Who fan), to promote this campaign. 

This sanctuary would be five times the size of Germany. An Antarctic Sanctuary would create a safe haven for penguins, whales, seals and other incredible wildlife, making these waters off-limits to the industrial fishing vessels sucking up the tiny shrimp-like krill, on which Antarctic life relies. Healthy oceans can also help us to tackle the worst effects of climate change by soaking up carbon dioxide, so the benefits of ocean sanctuaries are truly global. But it will only happen if we rise up together to demand that our leaders fulfil the obligation we all have to protect our shared oceans. Join us to demand an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary.

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