Antarctic Campaign

This year we have an opportunity to create the largest ocean sanctuary in the Weddell Sea.  This would put the waters off limits to industrial krill fishing vessels and creating a safe haven for emperor penguins, orcas and the blue whale.  Saturday, 17 February had been earmarked for Durham Greenpeace to begin the second phase of the Antarctic Campaign, focusing on gaining petition sign-ups from the lovely people of Durham and the surrounding area.  Our petitons were signed by 60 people which together with other Greenpeace groups should make it clear to the Government when they meet with the Antarctic Ocean Commission in October 2018 that their constituents won't stand by and let the Antarctic Ocean and ecosystem be destroyed by the extrative fishing industry.

To help us along with this campaign we had some ice statues which pleased our own resident emperor penguin, courtesy of Brian.  A big THANK YOU to everyone who gave up their time on Saturday, Angela 1; Angela 2; Brian; Jane; June and John.