Summer fairs,carnivals and events for Yorkshire South (Sheffield) Greenpeace 2017

Yorkshire South (Sheffield) Greenpeace will be joining forces with local anti-fracking groups in the region at various fairs, carnivals and events with stalls, tables and displays of information on our current campaigns this summer.

After the very successful Anarchists Book Fair and Peace In The Park Sheffield, where YSGP had people signing cards to Coca-Cola, we will be joining forces for more across Sheffield.

Here are a few of the places we will be at so far, i will update this as and when we get more stall/event invites or we apply to be at the event.


Saturday 1st of July Sharrow Festival.


Satrday 8th July Stannington Carnival


Saturday 22nd /Sunday 23rd July Folk Forest (Endcliffe Park, Sheffield, Part of Tramlines) (TO BE CONFIRMED)


August Wortley Festival (date to be confirmed)


Please by all means come along, help out, say hello and have some fun, while spreading the serious messages Greenpeace would like to get out to the public. Now more than ever we need to inform the people of the environmental destruction around the world and the laws that protect nature that may be erroded unless we join together to take action.