Sponge Bob Square Pants opposes BP drilling in coral reefs.

Did you see Sponge Bob on Tuesday evening at the BP Garage on Bramall Lane?

Sponge Bob Square Pants handed in a Greenpeace petition at a BP garage on Bramall Lane, which was signed by the Folk of Sheffield who are standing up for the sea sponges and corals threatened by BP’s drilling for oil.

The petition, personally signed by over 80 people, called on BP to 'Back Off', drilling for oil near the newly discovered Amazon Reef. These messages are part of a million person strong petition, calling on BP to cancel their drilling plans

 Near the mouth of the Amazon River an incredible 9500 square km Coral Reef has been discovered. This thriving ecosystem contains pink coral, sunset-coloured fish and Giant Sponges.

BP plan to open a new oil frontier in the Amazon Mouth Basin. An oil spill from this  dangerous deep water drilling could do untold damage to the Reef and, the livelihoods  of the local communities in the region.