Renewable Energy News Oct 17

Here are a few new items that caught my eye. The world is waking up to green energy. Saudi Arabia has the cheapest Solar Power .. Masdar & EDF contracted to supply power at 1.79 US cents/Kwh, [roughly half the price of coal] Beating Abu Dhabi' record of 2.4 cents/Kwh   Dong Energy “ Danish Oil & Natural Gas “ canged its name to Ørsted saying, “we need to fundamentally change the way we power the world by switching from black to green energy.” China installed PV capacity reaches 102GW, a ¼ of that added in the first half of this year. [ Hinkley C would be 3.2 GW , but has a higher capacity factor , 89% compares PV 10-25%. So interms of electricity produced,  102 GW PV is 3 to 8 times Hinkley C, with about 1 or 2 Hinkley Cs worth  added in 6 months.] British company Dyson to make electric car [ will it hoover the streets too?] Tesla sending Power Wall batteries to Puerto Rico to prove power after the grid was destroyed.

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