Local Press Coordinator opportunity in West London!

Are you a creative copywriter? 

The work of Greenpeace’s Local Press Coordinator is fundamental to the success of our campaigns. They are a vital source of energy and expertise which we can mobilise across the country to help us achieve our goals. They engaging with their local jnewspaper and journalists to deliver our messages across their local aread.

    We’d like to help our Local Press Coordinator engage more with local media in their area so we can amplify campaign impact and reach out into communities and areas where our conventional media channels have less impact. We hope this will help us diversify and expand our support across the UK.

    To do this we are recruiting and training voluntary Local Media Co-ordinators, who will engage with local media on behalf of their group. The role’s key facets are outlined below, but essentially our Local Media Co-ordinators will be their local group's press officer, taking responsibility for all of their group's local media work, and spotting opportunities for gaining local and regional media coverage for their group.

Time requirement:

- 1 Hour per week (varying depending on Local Group activity)

Key duties:

  • Tailoring press releases to publicise local campaigning and generate local media coverage, tailoring media advisories to alert local media to local group campaigning and events, writing and sending opinion pieces to generate coverage for local group campaigning and activities.

  • Producing and disseminating quality media content (e.g., Photos) covering Local Group events and activities which will engage local media outlets.

  • Developing positive relationships with local journalists and editors .

  • Attending Local Group meetings and encouraging discussion of how to make Local Group events and activities more media friendly.

  • Spotting opportunities to generate local media coverage for our national campaigns or to intervene in the media debate around local issues, and generate local coverage of local group events and activities.

  • Recording local media approaches and responses so we can measure the success of our volunteers.

Personal Specification:


  • Commitment to Greenpeace’s core values and mission.

  • Ideally lives in West London and would be interested in Joining the Richnmond & Kingston local Group

  • Experience of volunteering with Greenpeace's Local Groups.

  • Access to the internet and a smartphone with a decent camera.

  • Available to attend Local Group meetings and activities regularly.

  • An interest in photography/photo-journalism.

  • Skills in writing and journalism are a bonus, but an interest in the topic is fine.

  • Strong organisational skills and attention to detail.

  • Understanding and strong support for diversity and inclusion.

  • Willingness to use Greenwire to coordinate with members of your Local Group.

Desirable personal qualities:

  • Friendly/sociable/sense of community and a sense of humour!

  • Team player

  • Self-management

  • Emotional intelligence (this covers respect for others, tolerance, empathy, patience)

  • Open-minded

  • Some understanding of the media and local media landscape in your area.

  • Some computer literacy, as you’ll need to resize and send images, and some social media experience.