Local Group Coordinator opportunities!

Are you looking for a new challenge?


We are recruiting for new Local Group Coordinators in Inverness and York!

Our local groups provide a public face to Greenpeace campaigns in local areas, and are a source of expertise and energy that have been fundamental to Greenpeace’s successes as a campaigning organisation. In addition to campaigning, they often also organise fundraising and outreach events like film screenings and gigs.

If you're passionate about environmental issues and looking for a new volunteering opportunity, this could be right up your street! We're looking for one or two people in each area to help us run the Local Groups in Inverness and York

InvernessYou won't be required to start the group from scratch as there are already some fantastic people in the group - all they need is a leader who has the time and skills to take the group forward.

York - This will be a new group, starting from scratch, so it will require a bit more time and energy for the first few months. You will be fully guided and supported but it would be really helpful if you have a friend or two who can help you get the group off the ground.

We will provide you with lots of support but we need YOU to make it happen!

About the role:

The key aspects of coordinating a local group are:

  1. Running monthly meetings to plan and organise 
  2. Holding regular campaign events (usually at least once a month) based on the campaign briefings and materials we send you
  3. Communicating regularly with group members, including posting events and updates on Greenwire
  4. Communicating regularly with the Greenpeace Outreach Campaigner for your area (in this case, that's me)

There's plenty more you can do besides this but the above four things are the core part of the role. And you don't have to do it all by yourself! We encourage coordinators to share roles and responsibilities with others in the group. And the Inverness group already has members who are there to work with you.

Please note this is an unpaid volunteer role.

About you:

We're looking for someone committed to Greenpeace's core values and mission. Ideally you'll also have:

  • Leadership skills, ability to inspire and motiovate others
  • Good organising skills, ability to coordinate and delegate
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Regular reliable access to the internet
  • Some experience or knowledge of Greenpeace local groups
  • Understanding and strong support for diversity and inclusion

In addition, good group coordinators are friendly and social with a strong sense of community, open minded, with a sense of humour and emotional intelligence i.e. respect for others, tolerance, empathy and patience.

You don't need in depth campaign knowledge or expertise. The most important thing is to be enthusiastic and committed and have good communication skills. 

If you want to know more, please email Rachael King (rachael.king@greenpeace.org) and we'll arrange a phone call to talk it through.