Here is the Eco news, from Green Treehugger

Hello greenwire people, just wanted you to know about a new news page on facebook called Green Treehugger.

See the link below.

It will have all the environmental and eco news as well as stories about renewable energy and of course all those other forms of energy that should be left in the ground.

Energy like fracking, coal, oil and nuclear and the effects of continuing with these highly dangerous forms of energy when we have perfectly safe renewable energy rapidly making their way on stream.

So if you want to be kept up to date with all green issues and you are on Facebook, head over to the Green Treehugger facebook page and join today, it is free to join and if you have anything you would like to add you may submit an article or story for approval.

With brexit happening soon we need to get the messages of environmental destruction out to all areas to protect the natural and green spaces of the UK and world we all love.