"Fracking will not take place in Scotland"

So It's True,

After more than 60,000 responses to the scottish consultation, with 5% from Greenpeace supporters. On top of all the actions locally and nationally with communities and Greenpeace groups. This really is a game-changing decision, with a backdrop of the Brexit negotiations. Greenpeace have asked to give thanks to all those of us who have been involved with this. I add mine.

Here are the key messages from the Scottish govt Minister, Paul Wheelhouse.

This is the most comprehensive consultation of any government into fracking, inc a 4 month consultation. An environmental review of the decision will be undertaken after the parliamentary vote. He stated that this government has a moral responsibility to tackle climate change, and an economic responsibility to prepare Scotland for a low-carbon future.

With 60,565 responses it was the 2nd largest response to a Scottish government consultation. The overwhelming majority – over 99%  - were opposed to fracking. Confidence was expressed that whatever the Westminster government do regarding powers devolving after Brexit, the Scottish government can ban fracking in Scotland using planning rules.

Paul Wheelhouse went on to say - It is our responsibility to take decisions that will be in the best interests of the people of Scotland as a whole.

He gave three clarifying statements that seem to make the matter clear.


·         There is “no social license” for unconventional oil and gas to go ahead at this time in Scotland

·         "We will not support the development of unconventional oil and gas in Scotland"

·         "Fracking will not take place in Scotland"