Cambridge University - Who Do You Serve? Your Students or The Fossil Fuel Industry?

Monday is decision day for the Cambridge University's Council.  

The university, which campaigners estimate has £377m invested in fossil fuel firms both directly and indirectly, is expected to take a decision on its future investment strategy.  To pile on the pressure, three undergraduate students have taken the drastic action to start a hunger strike. More details here: 

I don't know about your reaction is but part of me salutes their courageous action whilst at the same time I feel despair as to why students feel they need to risk their health to take such crazy measures.  Be aware that the action of just three students is actually supported by hundreds of other students, academics and scientists.  It may well be seen as a well-timed, attention seeking publicity stunt but it is needed to counteract comments made by Bob Dudley, BP's Chief Executive, at an industry conference last month.  He said, “We donate and do lots of research at Cambridge so I hope they come to their senses on this.”  BP donated £22m to fund an institute at Cambridge that has nearly 40 staff working on how to maximise oil and gas extraction.

Ben Margolis, one of the hunger strikers said: “Unless decisive action is taken quickly, we’re heading for a global temperature increase of over 2C which will be a catastrophe for the whole of humanity in our lifetimes, and we must also acknowledge that climate change is already having a devastating impact on millions of people in the global south today.

“Every day that the university continues to invest in fossil fuels, directly or indirectly, it is complicit in their suffering, and this is why we will not stop until the university commits to full divestment.”

Decision time!  So Cambridge University Council needs to decide who it best serves.  Is it the student body and academia whose ethical stance is fighting for the future lives of many or is it the mighty lobbying power of the fossil fuel industry who's flawed business plan puts all life of the planet in peril.  It really is a no-brainer!