Blue - a film for World Oceans Day

BLUE is coming to cinemas in the UK for one night only in June, to celebrate World Oceans Day.

This powerful feature documentary has been called one of the most significant Environmental films of its time and packs a powerful punch on the state of the ocean and what needs to happen to turn the tide. Featuring passionate ocean conservationists, this beautifully crafted, deeply moving film has a very clear message: We need to act now to protect our most precious resource.

BUT, these screenings are crowd-sourced, meaning the screening will only go ahead if enough people pre-book their seats. And we only have 2 days left!

Don't worry, they won't charge your credit card until numbers have been confirmed and the screening is definitely going ahead. 

How to get your tickets

Tickets can only be booked on the Demand Film page:

 Book today to make sure BLUE plays in a cinema near you.

Watch the trailer


We're also hoping to get the licence so our local groups can also show this film. We'll keep you posted about that.