Win a limited edition Kurt Jackson print of ‘Rising Tide’


We need your ideas for the next phase of our tuna campaign!

This autumn we launch a new chapter in our campaign to clean up the world’s tuna fisheries. Your past work succeeded in forcing the big tuna brands and UK supermarkets to pledge to stop selling tuna caught using fish aggregation devices (also known as FADs) – a technique that creates massive quantities of ‘bycatch’ (needlessly killed immature fish, turtles and sharks). 

But one of the big UK tuna brands has failed to honour the promises it made to ditch FADs. We need your help to make sure they don’t get away with it.

We want to hear your ideas about how we could exert pressure on both the big tuna brands and the UK supermarkets - to make sure they stop selling tuna caught using FADs.

We are especially interested in:

  • Ideas for how to get the message across to the tuna company directly
  • Ideas for how we can get the message across to supermarkets – both nationally and locally
  • Ideas for actions that people can take online as well as offline

And if you have an idea that fits none of these categories - please share it! The best campaign ideas often come from the left field. 

We are offering a limited edition print by Cornish artist and uber Greenpeace supporter Kurt Jackson – for our favourite idea. The image (shown on the right) features the lovely boat Rising Tide that toured the coast with a Greenpeace crew earlier this year signing up coastal champions.

Please post your ideas below in the comments section by 31st August. Winners will be contacted by email and announced here.