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Thank You - 2016

Greenpeace UK 2016 video

In 2016 you got together and created change for the future of our precious planet. Together we defended wildlife and habitats and won protection the world's most wondrous places. By getting together...
Bristol East Greenpeace Review 2016

Bristol East Greenpeace - Review of 2016

2016 - Another busy year for Bristol East Greenpeace which saw campaigning on the Arctic, the Amazon rainforest, fracking, EU environmental laws, sustainable tuna, microbeads and detoxing the outdoor...
Sue Walker - A Video Montage Tribute

A Tribute to Sue Walker (1946-2016)

This week we lost our dear friend and fellow Greenpeace member Sue Walker who was without doubt one of our most enthusiastic, determined and effective activists - Sue was loved and admired by so many...
Oxfordshire Greenpeace Siemens campaign visit to Currys

Spider monkey's day out in Oxford

This might amuse... If anyone thinks Siemens shouldn't be supporting deforestation in The Amazon rainforest send a postcard to Jurgen Maier, Chief Executive, Siemens UK, Frimley, Camberley, Surrey,...
Greenpeace Shoreditch at John Lewis, Oxford Street, London | Heart of the Amazon Campaign | Siemens

Campaigning and shopping

Here are Greenpeace volunteers braving the wind and rain in Oxford Street a few weekends ago. They were campaigning against plans to build 43 dams in the heart of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil...
Greenpeace  - just do it, before it's too late

Let's do it now...before it's too late

Two Londoners with a hangover explain why they have got up early on a cold, wet, Saturday morning to support Greenpeace - instead of staying in bed...
Our Brand Is Crisis - Official Trailer [HD]

What Hollywood thinks..

What Hollywood thinks of democracy. "Our Brand is Crisis" is a 2015 Sandra Bullock movie about election spin. Showing the sort of strategic moves that electon teams use to create support.
1975 Eletric Kitten  MOV02936.MPG

Home Made Electric Cars

Electric cars are a dilemma, are we going to just replace fossil cars with electric cars? Are we still going to have cites clogged with rivers of metal, & our villages littered with parked cars...
Greenpeace and People Like You

Greenpeace and People like you

This is a video that was produced in 2015. It's really good and might be useful as a short video to show before or after a longer film if you're organising a screening event. It's also got two UK...