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Global Divestment Mobilisation 2017 - you were amazing!

Global Divestment Movement 2017 - What Happened?

350.org's video compilation of the variety of actions and protests during the week 8th-13th May 2017 There were 260 actions held in 45 countries. Here are some of my highlights from the UK from last...

SAI Sanctuary in India’s Southern Ghats

On SAI Sanctuary in India’s Southern Ghats, you’ll find 300 acres of lush native forest and wildlife. But only two decades ago, the ecosystem here was all but destroyed. Meet the couple who nursed...

Greenpeace Shoreditch Film Night

Here's a short film documenting our first film night at The Hive in Shoreditch. The event was well attended and was followed by a really engaging Q&A, as a result of which we have gained several...
"It's not an investment if it's destroying the planet" - Vandana Shiva


Next month The Global Divestment Movement will be capitalising on the snowballing of disinvestment that is happening across the globe. In particular the 5th -13th May is a focal point for initiating...
Global Divestment Mobilisation: 5 - 13 May, everywhere.

Global Divestment Mobilisation 2017

The dates for the next Global Divestment Mobilisation are from 5th to 13th May. The movement is snowballing and needs to gather momentum to ensure that we make the shift from out-dated fossil fuels...
Megan's Message

Megan's message

We received this message and video from a very proud father: My 8 year old daughter, Megan has been learning about endangered animals in her class. Her homework was to make a poster or message to...
HSBC Exposed

HSBC Exposed Stickers - WATCH THE VIDEO

You might have noticed stickers popping up at HSBC cashpoints recently, exposing HSBC's funding of forest destruction in Indonesia. Watch the video to see how they might have got there.
HSBC Exposed - Greenpeace (Edinburgh)

HSBC Exposed - Edinburgh

HSBC, Europe’s largest bank, loaned hundreds of millions of US dollars to some of the most destructive palm oil companies in Indonesia. Greenpeace analysis of figures released by the Indonesian...
HSBC exposed in Camden

HSBC exposed in Camden

HSBC is funding rainforest destruction in Indonesia. Camden Greenpeace volunteers spoke to customers outside the local branch to find out their thoughts. #HSBCexposed
Thank You - 2016

Greenpeace UK 2016 video

In 2016 you got together and created change for the future of our precious planet. Together we defended wildlife and habitats and won protection the world's most wondrous places. By getting together...