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Ocean Plastics at Wood Fest

Berkshire Greenpeace, supported by Oxford Greenpeace, took the Oceans Plastic campaign to Wood Fest at Braziers Park. Despite it being, at times, as cold & wet as the North...

Choke - May 2017

Some posters we saw in the High Street. Seems some people don't like the idea of Coke trashing our oceans.

Preston New Road Fracking Site Lock-On

Volunteers from the Manchester Greenpeace Network joined others from the north of England to stop work at Cuadrilla's fracking site Blackpool.

Reading Climate March

Reading held its own Climate March. Berkshire is some what of a silicine valley, full or high tech companys, busy with traffic, building & energy use, but very limited...

Trump & May Climate Disaster

The Campaign against Climate Change held a rally to highlight the whole "Trump America First, bomb Syria & sent the fleet towards North Korea - May holding a general election...