Surrey Greenpeace

We're a friendly active group of people living all across Surrey who do street campaign work, research when needed, and help with activities in other parts of the country and other parts of the world. We know what we do has an impact. We welcome all newcomers and helpers, no matter how much or how little they feel they can do.

In East Surrey we meet usually on the third Tuesday of each month (7pm onwards) at The Garland pub, Brighton Rd, Redhill. Transition Redhill usually meets in the same pub from 8pm onwards.

There are presently no regular meetings in West Surrey, and we'd welcome anyone willing to organise some!

Please leave a message on 07949 066702 or email Neil if you want more information.

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Fishing for support in Guildford

Having deployed our PAD (People Aggregration Device) cleverly disguised as the rickety pasting table familiar to most Greenpeace volunteers, we found no shortage of takers for the...

Detoxing in Guildford

Surrey Greenpeace supporters got together in Guildford on Saturday 30th January to persuade North Face to move faster to remove toxic PFCs from its outdoor clothing and...

Detoxing in Guildford 30Jan2016

Engaging the public outside North Face shop in Guildford, Surrey, to persuade North Face to move much more quickly to eliminate PFC waterproofing from its range.

What Greenwire needs is lots of....... of pussycats, especially moggies with attitude. Take Smudge here, nonchalant yes, but sending a message that he, like many other cats and the people they own, prefer any...