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We don't currently have meetings, but there's plenty happening. Check out our recent blogs and events.

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Arctic Frontiers campaign - Huddersfield

We had a pleasant couple of hours chatting to the folks of Huddersfield about the need to establish a Marine Protected Area around Svalbard. Here we are occpying the spot of the...

Fracking in Barnsley

On Saturday, April 2nd Greenpeace active supporters from Leeds, Huddersfield and Sheffield popped into Barnsley to help out the local FRACK FREE campaign. We were raising general...

Arctic Frontiers campaign - Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge is a great place to campaign. A nice chilled-out spot with plenty of members of the public willing to stop and talk to us. It was so nice, we did an extra hour. The...

Dodgy John West tuna

Every now and again, these stickers warning shoppers of dodgy John West tuna keep appearing in Huddersfield supermarkets. Why John West: They promised 100% sustainable tuna by...

Working with Huddersfield FoE on fracking

This was a simple bit of good old fashioned high street public communication. We do so much on-line these days; it's nice to just get out there and talk to real people... which we...

Zero Carbon Yorkshire

27 February 2016, 11:00 AM until 5:00 PM GMT
Calverley Street, Leeds (Civic Hall)