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Huddersfield Greenpeace

Welcome to the Huddersfield Greenpeace web page.

We don't currently have meetings, but there's plenty happening. Check out our recent blogs and events.

*** Are you interested in political lobbying? There are several MPs in our area to lobby. Register your interest here: lobbying [dot] uk [at] greenpeace [dot] org

*** Are you interested in doing Greenpeace actions? If so, register here: http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/active-supporters/forms/non-violent-direct-action-network-application-form

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General Election 2015 - Morley and Outwood

As well as Huddersfield and its 3 surrounding constituencies, we’ve also had some communication from other West Yorkshire constituencies including Morley and Outwood. Rebecca...

Barry Sheerman MP and Fracking

Comments from Barry Sheerman MP on Fracking: "I am opposed to the Conservative Government’s ‘going all out’ for fracking approach. I want to see a moratorium on fracking so that...


Hi I recently got to know that Doritos were made by the Multinational PepsiCo. Why is this important? I read the e-mail I had got from SumofUs, to disover that PepsiCo is not one...

Jason McCartney and fracking

Hi folks, I've managed to get a brief comment from Colne Valley MP Jason McCartney on fracking: "Personally I remain to be convinced on fracking but would not be opposed to it...

Our Net Gain - Sustainable Fishing

Great to see Green Party Councillor Andrew Cooper and also Barry Sheerman MP support the Our Net Gain campaign. Campaign details: http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/blog/oceans/our-net-...