The initial purpose of this group is to allow information exchange, post links to local / national / international campaign websites, advertise events, and make available useful reference documents (Greenpeace and non-Greenpeace). 

A quick web search will turn up many anti-fracking campaign sites and it would be pointless to list them all here or replicate their content. The following are the main national sites which list links to local campaign groups, events, academic research papers, case histories and video resources. : BIFF - Links to many local groups and resources, but not necessarily exhaustive since the campaign environment is very dynamic. : Frack Off Extreme Energy Network: Many links to local, national and international campaign groups; downloadable workshop kits and videos; many downloadable research papers, listed by category. : Free Range Activism Website - authored by Paul Mobbs, an engineer who now devotes all his time to independent research and campaigning. The site has downloadable fact sheets on extreme energy sources (like shale gas & oil), cross-referenced to academic research papers. Paul has been focused on shale gas in the north of England and is now developing material on shale oil in the south of England. Paul delivers effective presentations based on his research, and uses his site to host four "mini-sites" covering unconventional fossil fuels in the Welsh Marches, South Wales, South Midlands, and Thames Valley. He combines a holistic approach to the subject with close examination of facts and figures. : Drill or Drop? Up to date reports on UK campaign groups,industry, political initiatives, and independent analyses. Balcombe featured but with national coverage.

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