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We are looking for new young members to get active in our group, get involved and help in the struggle to protect our environment. With almost 2/3 of Britain under flood alert and this Governent only providing new flood defence measures - without looking at the greater Climate challenges - we must keep up our activies to ensure future clean and green energy ideas get taken seriously and are supported by the public. We also have to counteract the idea that nether fracking - nor new nuclear - is going to solve enegy problems and make sure Bromley reisdents know there is a threat of fracking in the South of our Borough. Forests, the Oceans and of course, the Arctic are stilll under great threat from man-made emissions, it is part of our message that our behaviours can help change the climate chaos threatening our future.

Please come along to a regular meeting...and plan to come for more. If we had all the people who turned up throughout the year, together at one meeting, we would have a large and vibrant group! We meet on the third Tuesday of each month - the date changes but not the day - in The Greyhound pub, in the north of Bromley at 205 High Street, BR1 1NY. Well served by buses and Bromley North (nearest - Charing Cross line) and Bromley South (Victoria line) stations. Meetings start at 8pm, and we usually have an agenda to work through...most of that is concerning the progress of current campaigns, our outreach programme for stalls in the High Streets, updates on successful  and supported actions, and what is coming up for the future. Greenpeace offers free one-day training for new members, if you are a bit worried about facing the public in 'da streets', called, rather obviously, Street Communication Training, let me know if you are interested. We also have opportunities to develop your skills - as a website contributor, on our local twitter feed, as a photographer or IT expert when we are out and about and need to communicate how it's going...

If you have never really considered joining a group before, please do get involved now.... Recent events, like the meeting of Russian and Chinese leaders over climate emissions and the Paris Agreement in 2015 to agree on a political climate strategy, are important to protect our climate future. In the UK we have a situation where the current Government sees a viable energy future as fracking for Methane until the new nuclear power stations are up and running.... so there is a lot to do....and if you join us, it will mean you are joining a world-wide community of over 6 million people...that is the number of signatories on our pledge to #SavetheArctic...and are strenghhening a global presence for those of us who want clean air, clean land and clean water to encourage and promote all life on our unique and wonderful Planet Earth. 

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