Blackpool and Fylde Greenpeace


Blackpool and Fylde Greenpeace

Blackpool Greenpeace is an active group on the Fylde coast. We campaign, we do fundraisers, we meet, support, discuss. We are a group connected to each other and to other local campaign groups in our community which we feel is very important, for support and understanding, and to receive and deliver messages locally.

We often get asked... why do you do it? What's the point... And we say one person is enough! Two is better... three... four... five... 

We stand loud and proud we work hard we get cold we get wet... but we do it because it matters and we are dedicated to making a difference!

Watch this space
Get involved

Stay safe... awake and stand for what loveyou believe in.

In the words of Galaxy Quest...

Never give up Never surrender :)

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