Tawai A film with Bruce Parry . Reading Premier

21 October, 2018 - 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM BST
The Lyndhurst Queen's Road 88 RG1 4DG
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Tawai  A Voice From The Forest

A film  from Bruce Parry

Tawai is a word the nomadic hunter gatherers of Borneo use to describe the connection they feel to their forest home. In this dreamy, philosophical and sociological look at life, Bruce Parry (of the BBC's Tribe, Amazon & Arctic) embarks on an immersive odyssey to explore the different ways that humans relate to nature and how this influences the way we create our societies. From the forests of the Amazon and Borneo to the River Ganges and Isle of Skye, Tawai is a quest for reconnection, providing a powerful voice from the heart of the forest itself.

As far as we know this is the Berkshie Premier of this delightful movie . Presented by Berkshire Greenpeace, Free/Donations